Secret 1. Attitude on Day of Contest

Photo by Jimmy Chin

Photo by Jimmy Chin

Secret #1 to winning an Auctioneer Contest: Attitude Day of the Contest

So they say that attitude is everything...especially day of the contest. Every champion that I have met says that the day of the contest when they won...they felt like they were ready to win.  What this means is that champion has prepared, focused and practiced to take the trophy home.  So what does that mean for those of you preparing for your contest day?

The attitude you bring into the day of the contest is where it all begins.  An air of confidence with a sense of humility and a bit of fear can take you deep into the day of the contest.  Confidence that you prepared to your best, humility that no matter what the results you still win and the willingness to have fun and be a good sportsman. Once these pieces are put together you have the attitude to win...but there is something else you need to conquer...your fear.

Fear is one of the biggest hurdles that you need to overcome in order to win the contest. I just listened to a podcast of a professional big mountain climber...Alex Honnold on the Tim Ferris podcast and he mentioned that before every big climb he rehearses his fears. The big moves he needs to make, the chances he'll take and face up to the worst case scenarios...which ultimately could end up in death. Now we're not climbing death defying mountains...we're just competing in an auctioneer contest. So what is the worst that can happen? You fall on your face, you miss a few bids, you stumble on your introduction? All small potatoes compared missing a crucial hand hold that could send you falling a 1000 feet to your death.

Most all competitors that I meet all share the same fear...the fear of selling in front of a room full of auctioneers...selling to a room full of their peers. Most auctions we conduct are in front of amateur buyers whom never seen an auction you are the best auctioneer they've ever seen! That's a grand feeling right? When you are in a room full of auctioneers...guess what? You are in a room of people that love auctions! Most make their living with auctions and love the bid call. You know what else they love? You!  Every auctioneer wants to see all the competitors rise up and be their best. When you give the crowd your best have just raised the bar for all other auctioneers in that room. Ultimately one will rise up, but if we can all overcome our fears, we all are better.

My suggestion to you is to rehearse your fears...what are you scared of? What makes your knees weak and your stomach turn? What is the worst that could happen? You win?

Facing your fears and adjusting your attitude can help you be the best competitive auctioneer you can be day of the contest will then ultimately help you be the best auctioneer in business and in life. 

Thank you for reading and go rehearse your fears!

Bobby D.