12 Secrets of Winning an Auctioneer Contest

Most of my blog writing takes place on the airplan home from auction functions. You can read my previous blogs here.  This trip home is no different, but what is, that I'm traveling home after being a part of "Become A Champion" Training and judging Sunshine State Invitational Auctioneer Contest presented by the Florida Auctioneers Association. I was so honored to be invited by the FAA to fly out across the country to instruct, coach, and inspire future champion auctioneers. I was also joined by fellow 2015 Champions:

International Auctioneer Champion of the Women's Division, Tammy Tisland

International Auctioneer Champion of the Men's Division, Peter Gehres,

World Livestock Auctioneer Champion, Brandon Neely 

As well as 1 of 2 Triple Crown Winners of the World Automobile Auctioneer Championship (year), World Livestock Auctioneer Championship(year), and International Auctioneer Champion(year), Paul C. Behr

We worked together in laying the groundwork to winning an auctioneer championship and coaching bid calling styles for 12 engaged students from all over the nation. We had experienced, past IAC finalists to auctioneers who never have competed before. Throughout the day we were coaching on stage presence, voice control, introductions, interviews, bid calling and overall attitude and mental focus leading into the contest. We worked in one on one sessions, small groups and a large group interview session. After 8 hours of coaching and tweaking, the day ended with the Sunshine State Invitational Auctioneer Contest. 

All of the aspiring champions competed as well a couple that traveled to throw their chant in the ring. After selling 3 items each, 5 finalists were selected: 


Chad Johnson
Jeff Bynum
Myers Jackson
Matthew Hurley
Carrie Hessney Doran


These then 5 Finalists were sequestered and interviewed individually to show their public speaking skills and to try and set themselves apart as the champion.  All 5 finalists gave strong, clear answers with a shining star that stood out on top: Matt Hurley from Pennsylvania. 

He hadn't competed for 10 years and came all the way to Tampa, Florida specifically for the training, wanting to focus on winning an auctioneer contest...and he did just that. He was able to take his many years of auctioneering experience and contest attempts and combine it with our coaching and instruction and put it all together to take the top step. He narrowly beat out Chad Johnson (3rd) and Myers Jackson (2nd), who gave Matt a run for the money.

It was a contest that was very tough to judge, as each contestant made huge improvements throughout the day. All implemented things we worked on, some more than others, and those that did, scored the highest. I was so proud of all the contestants to see them make improvements and succeed. Just like all contests, one champion is crowned but all win in the end by challenging themselves and becoming better auctioneers. This is the essence of all auctioneer contests, to continually improve the craft by challenging yourself.

Through the day and through my career of competitive auctioneering I have revealed 12 secrets to winning an auctioneer contest. When these secrets are applied to a contest run, a championship is very attainable. Matt Hurley applied and succeeded by improving upon all of these secrets to ultimately win this contest. I have applied these secrets to my own championship contest runs and have succeed 3 different times, first for the Arizona State Auctioneer Championship, US Bid Calling Championship and the World Automobile Auctioneer Championship. Uncovering these secrets and improving upon them will also help me to prepare for the 2016 International Auctioneer Championship coming up July 22nd in Grand Rapids, Michigan. (Register here, Closed May 18th) This is 12 weeks away and I will discuss and uncover a different secret each week. I do this to not only share with you, but also for me to focus and prepare for one of the biggest Auctioneer Championships in the world. Please review, discuss and enjoy the 12 Secrets to Winning an Auctioneer Contest: 

  1. Attitude on day of the contest
  2. Preparing to Take the Stage
  3. Introduction and first impressions
  4. Stage Presence
  5. Actual Selling/Bid Call
  6. Know you items inside and out
  7. Know your bidders/Know your judges
  8. Body Language, how it can help or kill your run
  9. Microphone usage and Saying Sold
  10. Nailing the interview
  11. Outro/Exit the stage and lasting impressions
  12. You are always on Stage, on and off

If you are using these to prepare for your own IAC performance, please share your journey with us below. Also please listen to and review the "How to Win An Auctioneer Contest" presented by the current International Auctioneer Champion, Peter Gehres and host of the Fast Talking Podcast.

How to Win an Auctioneer Contest YouTube

It is a ten part series and can be seen and consumed on the IAC Insider Blog. I'll present episodes to each of these secrets as well as discuss the points that Peter and Andy share. 

Preparation to win an Auctioneer Starts today! (this goes for not only me, but you too) Weekly on Friday's, I will break down each secret and share my thoughts and examples with you. Stay tuned! 

The IAC is on July 22nd, 2016 and will be here before you know it. 

Enjoy and be awesome!

Bobby D.